Meat Product Delivery for Wholesale and Retail

As an experienced supplier, we are the perfect partner for wholesale and retail, tailored to your needs.

  • High-quality fresh and frozen poultry and meat products
  • Reliable and punctual delivery
  • Business-specific packaging from industry to retail
  • Price stability through bulk purchases and a regional to global supplier network
  • Delivery tracking and short-notice changes

Our helpful customer service accompanies you from your inquiry through processing until the goods successfully arrive at your location. The best and freshest quality is just as important to us as animal welfare.

Fleischwaren-Lieferung für Groß- und Einzelhandel

We are your ideal partner for the delivery of meat products.

Fast delivery –
secure freshness

Highest quality -
also organic

Best service - before,
during, and after


    How to contact us


    Schönmühl 3, D-82377 Penzberg

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