Bodenburg: Experience in Importing Meat Products

With a global customer and supplier network and decades of experience in importing and exporting meat products, Bodenburg is always a reliable partner for your company.

  • Bodenburg imports from all EU member states as well as third countries.
  • Fast, reliable, and accurate document handling

As a trusted partner, Bodenburg serves as the link between producers and customers domestically. Our goal is to grow together with our partners and successfully utilize our market knowledge for a long-term collaboration.

Bodenburg: -Erfahrung im Import von Fleischwaren

We are your ideal partner for the delivery of meat products.

Fast delivery –
secure freshness

Highest quality -
also organic

Best service - before,
during, and after


    How to contact us


    Schönmühl 3, D-82377 Penzberg

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